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Heating Edge    
Heating Edge

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“The Heating Edge” is a perimeter heating (baseboard) product which consists of a unique “coil block” and mounting system that are patented designs.  The concept behind the product was to deliver very high BTU/HR capacities (output) in a residential foot print so that we could use less footage to achieve what conventional baseboard products are capable of.  It was also designed to provide a mounting system that did away with all brackets and hangers and made it easier for the installer to install the product.

Since the acquisition of “The Heating Edge” product from Yankee Resources in 2001, we have made several significant changes that have further enhanced the mounting system, changed the “coil block” fins by turbulating them to achieve even higher capacities than the original design, reoriented the fin spacing to maintain the “chimney” spacing ensuring better draw and turbulence and have created more appropriate end caps, splicers and accessories as product companions.

Today, “The Heating Edge” remains a unique solution for hard to heat residential or commercial applications, commercial jobs that require low profile products and also for the newly emerging Geothermal and Solar Thermal markets that require lower entering water temperatures at acceptable capacities.  Its rugged structure is also ideal for apartment buildings and housing authorities where wear and tear are issues.

We take a great deal of pride in this unique product and hope that, as you discover and install it, you will see the many benefits that we have achieved through its design.

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